Young Adults Personal Leadership Programme™

Unlock Your Bright Future

Being in High School,  preparing to leave High School or having recently left school can be one of the most stressful times in our lives.

Besides a lucky few who are clear on their road ahead, for the majority of us, we are left with burning questions such as what to do, what to study and how to make it in the adult world?

On the one hand this is an exciting time, liberated into adulthood, free to make all our own decisions and on the other, a truly challenging time as we are now responsible for our lives. Get it right and the world opens up to you, get it wrong and you’re left in a dead-end street with student loans that need paying and feeling angry, confused and depressed.

The Young Adults Personal Leadership Programme™ is an enriching workshop, aimed at assisting young people in answering these difficult questions upfront, so they can avoid the mistakes everyone else usually makes and unlock the bright future they deserve.


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