A Selection of Some of the Finest Tools to Help You Enable a Brighter Future:   1. Ace Schoolwork with Videos: Making Learning as Simple as Watching a Video. School work, studies or exams getting you down? Thanks to a genius team of whiz kids at the Khan Academy, studying and bagging the A’s is now as straight forward as watching a YouTube video. You can learn everything from Art History to Biology to Maths, clearly and simply explained in short colourful videos. A team of world-class teachers, dedicated to helping you understand a subject, guide you the whole way and there are even examples to practise on; enabling you to hone your skills. Learn almost anything for free: Click Here.   2. Brain Training –  Improve Memory, Attention, Brain Speed and Problem Solving Ability with Games. Lumosity is a leader in the science of brain training. They have collaborated with researchers from 36 top universities around the world in an effort known as the Human Cognition Project. From improving your ability to remember people’s names to the time it takes to solve a problem, currently 50 million people around the world are benefiting from the games in their programs.

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3. Concentration –

Enter states of calm focus, inspired creativity and deep relaxation at the push of a button.  Experience a way to train your mind to enter states of focus, creativity, relaxation and flow by simply putting on headphones and pressing “Play”. Great for A-students, elite athletes and those who simply want to learn how to have a calm mind. Click Here.   4. Daily Inspiration –

Daily inspiration, insights and ideas to live life to the full.

Successful people know that what they expose their mind to each day affects them and the way they live. Take control of what you feed your mind, join 1.3 million people who enjoy daily inspiration, insightful articles and cutting edge content on how to live your life to the full. To be part of the movement, click here.   5. Self-Understanding- Understand Yourself and Other People, Finally!   2knowmyself aims to help you better understand yourself and others, so that you can eventually be free of emotional pain by eliminating the root causes of your problems. The website guides you through developing yourself in order to get the best out of life and achieve your goals. At you learn: - What makes us fall in love with certain people - How to build self confidence and self-esteem - How to tell if someone is telling the truth - The rules of success - How to create a one million dollar business For Help Understanding Yourself and Others, Click Here - 6. Reading –

At the Indigo Learning Centre, the goal is to bring the best of neuroscience research together with good learning practices to develop the essential skills of language, reading and learning.

Breakthrough research first conducted in the 1970s has shown that limitations in the brain’s capacity to acquire new knowledge can be reversed through proper scientific application.

Averaging a one to two grade level reading gain in 8 to 12 weeks, it seems to be working.

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  7. Natural Health and Beauty -

  Discover ways to live a naturally healthy life. is packed full of helpful ways live a naturally healthy life. The site also contains some excellent videos to lighten your day. To Check out the goodness: Click Here.


8. Physical Health –


Do you have a question about your health or the health of a loved one? is a great resource for topics relating to health and wellness. It has been designed with separate sections for parents, kids, teens and educators. With tons of useful, clearly explained articles on health, it is definitely worth a visit. Check out Kidshealth here:


9. Social and Emotional Development -  Restoring Emotional Balance for Mental Clarity and Optimal Living Scientists have recently discovered that 60 to 65% of heart cells are actually neural cells, not muscle cells as once believed. Neurocardiologists, like J. Andrew Armour, MD., PhD., have found that the heart’s neural cells are identical to the neural cells found in the brain. They operate using the same connections and have the same neurotransmitters that are found in the brain. Meaning, our hearts literally have thoughts! Educating the whole person: understands the link between the heart and the brain; between learning and emotions. Their self-regulation techniques promote emotional balance, academic excellence and resilience. If you are looking for a great resource to gain a better understanding of how emotional intelligence (EQ) affects our lives, check out: